I am a License Mariner

Come sailing on a Catamaran at Moraine and enjoy the magnificence of Lake Aruther aboard one of the most innovative sailing machines, our beautiful catamaran.  It is a very spacious 21 foot Reynolds sailing catamaran, it can hold 7 adults which sails out of Watts Bay North Shore, at Moraine! 

The benefit of a catamaran is that it is exceptionally wide, making it very safe and stable for a more comfortable ride. This catamaran is the ideal sailboat for you and your guests to enjoy a cruise. There is a large tramp netting on the front deck on which you can relax and take in the breath taking views of beautiful Lake Arthur.

If you have never been sailing before this could be a very pleasant way to experience the power of the wind!   For just $30.00 a person you get 2 hours on the water,  you can pack your own lunch and eat on the boat and the Licensed Captain JP  will show you how easy it is to read the wind!

If you want to talk sailing and schedule a ride,  call me!  Four One Two-974-3629

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